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Do you have architectural skills, design or blueprint expertise that you would donate to a worthy MLPOA project?  Maybe you don't, but know of an acquaintance that does and would be willing to donate their time to a great cause?

We are in the initial stages of reviewing options for making the MLPOA pool and restroom area handicap accessible. This will be a long term project requiring detailed planning, fund raising, possible grants and donations, community involvement and volunteers. Before any cost estimates can be established, a ramp must be designed meeting detailed specifications as to the grade of the incline, etc. The design must enable us to "conquer" the steep hill going down to the pool area. 

Please contact the secretary, Linda Argue at 517-230-5626 or argueclans@yahoo.com or any board member. 



NOTICE : At the June 2008 Annual Board meeting, the membership voted on and approved a proposal to remove the full time residency restrictions from the four officer positions of the Board of Directors. This has now opened up all of the officer positions as well as the director position for each subdivision to be either full and part time residents of the Moon Lake Property Association.

Board of Directors: All board positions are for two year staggered terms

President Serves as the officer of the association and oversees all day-to-day operations. Serves as the association liaison with the community, township, county and others as necessary. Appoints all committees and is an ex-officio member. May be either a full or part time resident of Moon Lake.

Vice President Serves in the place of the President and handles other duties as assigned. May be either a full or part time resident of Moon Lake.

Secretary Takes meeting minutes and submits them to the board for approval. Communicates all updates and changes to the webmaster for the Moon Lake website. Coordinates the development of the annual newsletter. Organizes the annual mailing of invoices, newsletter and ballots for voting. Handles routine correspondence and addresses all emails. Backs up the treasurer when necessary. May be either a full or part time resident of Moon Lake.

Treasurer Handles the processing of maintenance fees including file maintenance and back-up, deposits, other banking records, mailing of membership cards, etc. Maintains the Moon Lake database file. Produces monthly reports and annual financial reports. Mails past due notices, keeps history on past due accounts, files liens when necessary and lifts liens when payment is made. Files paperwork for court action and along with the president or other board member handles court appearances. Oversees all banking for the association and is main signer on checks. Handles all call at the office. Handles payment related correspondence. Oversees the clubhouse rentals. This is a PAID position. May be either a full or part time resident of Moon Lake.

Directors Each of the five Moon Lake Subdivisions has its own director. Each respective director acts as a representative of the property owners for a specific subdivision and acts as their liaison to the board as a whole. Relates problems and concerns to the Board of Directors and/or the Building and Use Committee. May have other duties as assigned.

Non-board Committees/Positions

Building and Use Committee should have at least three members. Receives concerns from property owners concerning blight or possible restriction violations. Reviews requests by property owners for new construction or remodeling prior to submission to the county. Takes violations to the board for appropriate action including letters to the property owner in question and the township if not resolved. Acts as liaison with the township and county in matters affecting property owners.

Finance Committee - reviews the monthly Treasurer Reports, annual statements, forecasts expenses and projects the budgeted revenue and expenses. Submits any findings or reports to the Board of Directors for approval. Makes financial presentation at the annual meetings.

Parks and Lakes Committee oversees the parks, boat ramp and pool areas. Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for improvements, repairs and in regards to use guidelines. Schedules the opening/closing of the pool each day and for the season. Ensures that all items needed to operate the pool are available to the pool attendant and that safety guidelines are followed. Schedules the pool attendants for the season.









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