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Moon Lake Property Owners Association

Annual Meeting Agenda

Saturday, June 10, 2006


1. Call to Order at 1:02 pm by President, Paul Eddy, who lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. He welcomed everyone and stated any property owner with unpaid dues may not speak or vote.

     Board of Directors Present:

President-Paul Eddy                    Marvin Glaser-Dir SML, Parks & Lake               

Vice President-Bill Czopek        Gar Meyer-Dir VE

Treasures-Jean Czopek               Gary Gee-Dir WM

Secretary-Dourthy Eddy

Absent-Mavis Lytle-Dir WE 11

 Jack Lytle-Building and Use Committee

80 property owners present and two guest speakers.

2. Introduction of Guest Speakers:

            A. Mr. Dave Heinz, Greenwood Fire Department Assistant Chief to Greenwood #2. He answered questions for 15 minutes that covered open burning, campfires, just what may be burned as well as the penalty for breaking the law. He requested everyone to always call the DNR for permission to burn before burning. He stated that the Fire Station will be open after this meeting for tours of the build and the equipment.

            B. Mr. Kevin Grace, UnderSherriff, Oscoda County-21 year veteran of the police force- answered questions for 35 minutes that covered a wide range of topics from barking dogs, neighborhood watch, police security checks, animal control, local crime and the fact that an officer now lives at Snyder Lake and will patrol the Moon Lake  area in his rounds! The topic that received the most attention was that of ORV, golf cart and tractor use on Oscoda County roads. He said, “No ORVs of any kind-including golf carts and tractors are allowed on Oscoda County roads or road edges at any time.” The only place they can be used is on private property and ORV designated trails.” Tickets will be issued if and when they are caught on the road. He will get back with Paul about the exact local and state laws.

3. Approval of Minutes 2005, Annual Meeting

              After a reading of the 2005 Annual Minutes by the Secretary, a motion was made to accept the minutes as read by Bob Blohe/second by Wally Duncan, and carried unanimously.

4. Selection of Election Committee to certify counting of ballots

               Nina, Sondra and Louise will serve as the Election Committee.

5. Reports-

           A. Financial by Jean-Total income of $28,630.84, Total expense of $31,142.95 with a difference of $2,512.11 to the red. The CD of $5,329.91 is for 90 days at 3.4% rate of interest. The total number of paid maintenance fees for this year-304- unpaid is 116. Our account, Mr. Kundinger, did this years audit and the books are perfect.

            B. Secretary Report-Dourthy gave an account of this year’s tasks completed by the Board as well as changes made in this past year.

            C. Director Reports

                     Gary Gee, Dir of Woodland Manor and Web Site Manager, reported lots of activity on the web site over this past year. He reports to the board information as needed. As Director, his area has nothing to report.

                     Gar Meyer, Dir of VE, reports one break-in in the past year and problems with ORVs.

                     Marvin Glaser, Dir of SML, Reported his area has been quiet. The lake is up a little from spring but is still low over all

            D. Legal Committee report on proposed Restriction Changes

       Mr. Ron Palmquist and Mr. Erik Russell reported that the proposed revised restrictions are ready to be sent to the attorney. Most property owners will find the new version easier to read and much better to use. When it comes back from the attorney, the Board must O.K. it and then it will be posted on the web site. Everyone will have an opportunity to read and review the changes. The Committee will seek the signatures of 50% plus one as required for adoption. Several proposed changes will help our restrictions parallel those of the County Health Dept and Greenwood Township Zoning Ordinances. Their goal is to begin collection signatures by fall of 2006. The Legal Committee consists of Ron Palmquist, Erik Russell, Gary Gee, Jack Lytle, Bill Czopek, Patrick Stewart and Paul Eddy.

6. Old Business

                The phone number for Animal Control for Oscoda County has been changed . It is 989-745-1910.

7. New Business

            A. Bylaw Changes, 4 Changes presented by Jean Czopek-

1.) Section 3 p. 8 Election-Proposed change-One ballot with Directors and Officers. Motion to accept as read- Ron Palmquist/Erich Russell-carried-unopposed.

 2.) Section 6 p. 9-Lists standing committees. Proposed Change-End the sentence with the word thereof and eliminate the list of committees. Motion to accept as read-Rob/Bill-carried-unopposed

3.) Section 4 p. 12 –Proposed Change-remove this from Secretary and add this under Section 5-Treasure. Motion to accept as read-Frank Keeney/Ms Michalski-carried-unopposed.

4.) Section 4 p. 13 –Proposed Change- All checks shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the Secretary or the President or Vice President in the absence of one of the aforementioned officers. Motion to accept as read- Wally Duncan/Donna Simpson-carried-unopposed.

            B. Dourthy gave a brief report from information collected from old annual news letters. For over 12 years the need for more money was brought to the attention of the property owners so the current state of affairs should not come as a surprise to anyone.

            C.. Five Year Plan-Paul presented the first change to the plan and that is to begin the Planning Committee next month instead of next year. He explained the Five Year Plan by each year and the importance of the Planning Committee. For the next hour questions were taken from the audience. The first question asked was why didn’t the Five Year Plan have the Lake level addressed?  Paul explained that a committee was being formed separate from and NOT apart of the Association that will seek the best way to place an 8” well. All interested property owners may sign up for this committee and he will contact everyone interested soon for the first meeting date. He also stated that it may be possible to secure a grant and he is researching if we could place a fire hydrant with the well so all Moon Lake property owners would qualify for lower insurance rates. Contact Paul if you are interested. Discussion for an hour covered filling in the pool with sand, turning over the pool for private operations, just raise the dues enough to cover the cost of a new pool as well as work on increasing the lake level and just forget the pool entirely.

Five Year Plan.

 Suggestions for the Board to consider;

     1.) Have stickers for all watercraft for MLPA identification.

     2.) Post “Private Lake” signs at the entry points to the Association as well as at the lake sides.

     3.) Poll all of the property owners to see just who wants and will pay for a new pool.

     4.) Seek another special assessment.

     5.) Hold quarterly meetings on Saturday so more property owners can come.

            D. Sign up for Planning Committee for Five year Plan-Paul encouraged everyone to take part in finding solutions for our Association by signing up on the committee. The committee already has a date for the first meeting. It’s Saturday, July 1, 2006, 10 am at the clubhouse. At that time they will be given their list of goals.

            E. Annual Meeting Date, Proposal to change back to Memorial Day weekend. After much discussion, a motion to change the annual meeting date back to Memorial Day weekend resulted in No second-but much more discussion. A motion not to change the date back was made by Jim, second by Richard and carried unopposed.

        Another motion to raise the dues to $45.00 at the 2007 annual meeting was made by Bob Hilleary, second by Donna Simpson-carried unopposed.

             E. Lawn care bids-See Dourthy if you are interested in bidding for Moon Lake lawn care. Later determined the lawn care will be done by volunteers.

8. Election of Officers and Directors-

              President               Jack Lytle

              Treasurer              Brenda Fitch

              Director WE11     Donna Keeney

              Director WE1       Martin Hilleary-Declined due to poor health.

              Director Wm         Gary Gee

Paul welcomed all of the board members.

9. Public comment- Members in good Standing only- Limit of 2 minutes per person

     Several property owners thanked the Board for their work and for the good meeting. One property owner of 37 years has sold his home and said good bye to all.

The 50-50 drawing for $43.00 was won by Mrs. Nina Gee and she donated it to the Association.

10. Adjournment-3:45pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Doruthy Eddy, Secretary         




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